Nicole Morrish Art


Artist Statement

Nicole Morrish

My Art is a culmination of experience and of the gratitude I have for my life. I am a mixed indigenous woman of the Lenni Lenape tribe. My cultures bring many platforms for powerful feelings and conversations, as do all cultures. I believe the most important thing we as artists can do is create community through evoking these conversations as well as recognizing the extreme need and healing of the moments of pause around these ever-changing words and emotions.

 My work straddles Abstract and Contemporary Expressionism. I use the exploration of color to show the relationship between feelings and emotions, power and resilience, resistance and allowance. My work shows a whimsy and lightness that I hope resonates.

  My subject matter strives to express the simplicity and preciousness of our complex environments; Ruins,  local canyons, landscapes, and figures that inhabit our beautiful Earth.

 Notice the bleeds of the negative space, and take a breath. The negative lines in my work are my calm and my allowance to breathe. Through this breath, I hope comes light. This is me and my attempt to let life all the way in. View. feel and enjoy, it is that simple.

 Celebrate and spread beauty. Wan`ishi.


"When we go out among nature,clay is returning to clay.We are returning to participate in the stillness of the earth which first dreamed us."

John O'Donohue